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I'm a Thriftaholic image courtesy of Meet Virginia Design

I was reading the latest post from Alina at My Yellow Umbrella and saw this link entitled “I’m a Thriftaholic“. Wow, now that caught my attention!

I wouldn’t consider myself as loyal a “thrifty shopper” as my friend Kristen who buys & sells on Craig’s List and always knows the local thrift store sales (I wasn’t even aware that thrift stores have sales!)  Kristen faithfully goes to garage sales on Fri/Sat mornings (I think I’ve been to less than five Garage Sales ever, and it was with K!)  But I DO love to find a good bargain on Ebay, at a consignment store, thrift store, or church sale.

I’ve clothed my kids in Euro and boutique clothing which I’ve randomly found while looking for toys or DVDs.  I’m picky about smoke or animal smells, which is why I only like to pick up things which can be Clorox-ed or washed in hot water.   I’ve found some nice maternity clothing, business suits and blue jeans while thrift shopping.

So Morgan and her friend Ana over at the Meet Virginia and Sweet Serendipity blogs have come up with a way to unite the like-minded.  Brilliant–I’m in!