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The kids were busy this weekend making forest fairies.  They turned out so cute!   

After feeding chipmunks with unsalted peanuts, we got an idea. 

The kids collected wooden toothpicks and then gathered a huge assortment of treasures from the woods:

pinecones of various sizes



sticks & twigs



The girls assembled the forest fairies, and attached the peanuts to the flower petal skirts with toothpicks. 

Petunia flowers and hosta flowers made good and sweet-smelling skirts. 

We also made shawls out of leaves and ferns. 

Besides the peanuts, black eyed susan flower middles made good heads. 

The boys helped make the house, which consisted of twig walls, fortified by pinecones, a hosta leaf roof, leaf beds, and flower trees outside.

It turned out fabulous!

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