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Last year I made turkey cookie treats for our daughter to take to school for their Thanksgiving feast.  I looked up several different versions online and then created my own, based on:

  • what I had on hand
  • portability
  • time, &
  • convenience.  

They also had to be nut-free because of kids with allergies in her class, so I couldn’t use the peanutbutter cups.

They aren’t as cute as those made with the candycorn tail feather fan, but I didn’t want them to fall apart enroute to school.  I think these turned out great!

Here’s what we used:

  1. Mini Pretzels
  2. JUMBO Marshmallows
  3. Candy corn
  4. Dare Maple cookies
  5. Melting chocolate


First, cut the marshmallows into quarters (you’ll probably only need to cut them in half if you use regular large sized marshmallows.)  

Next, stick a toothpick into the domed part for dipping. 

I melt the chocolate in the microwave in a small glass pyrex measuring cup.   Dip the marshmallow and use a spoon to get chocolate on the top (Sorry this picture was taken at the end of the project!)










Then, place the chocolate “body” onto the “tail” (maple sandwich cookie) while the chocolate is still wet. 

Quickly place a mini pretzel onto the flat side of the marshmallow and cookie, so that the rounded “feet” stick out in front.  It’s important to do this while the chocolate is still wet so that it sticks.  

Take the toothpick out carefully (I used a fork to keep the body steady.) 


Finally, place the candy corn “head” on top, right over the toothpick hole!  The white tip “beak” should stick out a bit.  

We used the candycorn with the brown base (on sale right after Halloween), but the traditional yellow version would be cute too!   I should have added eyes, but at that point I was DONE!!

After making basic cake pops I decided to do Reindeer for our son’s December birthday, and he took them to school instead of cupcakes.  They aren’t as cute as Bakerella’s Rudolf, but I’m pretty proud of my attempt and our son loved them! 


We ran out of milk chocolate for dipping, and then ran out of Alphabet pretzel “E” letters, so we got creative and used “F” and “T”.  The kids had fun and the preschool friends didn’t care – they were just psyched to get a cool treat! 


And we made a few “fancies” for the teachers!

One of the food crafts I attempted in 2010 was Cake Pops.  I had been admiring Bakerella‘s website for a couple of years, and had her book on my wishlist, but didn’t try making them until I had a reason to make them for our son’s birthday

By Christmastime I had gotten better and decided to make Cake Balls  to use for Christmas cookie exchanges and gift-giving.  I served several hundred at a special holiday community dinner, and most of the guests were retirees.  In order to sound fancier than “cake balls” for the senior crowd, I called them “holiday truffles”.                                                           

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I made several varieties such as:

 Holiday Birthday Cake (basic cake pop recipe – yellow cake, mixed with storebought red frosting in a 16 oz can [for certain holidays you can find Baker’s Corner frosting in colors such as red/green/blue at Aldi], dipped in white chocolate, topped with Christmas tree sprinkles) This is what the kids like the best! Delish! 

Coconut Chocolate Cake (chocolate cake, mixed with chocolate frosting in a can, dipped in milk chocolate, rolled in coconut)

Peanut Butter White Chocolate Cake (chocolate cake, mixed with peanut butter instead of frosting, dipped in white chocolate, rolled in crushed salted peanuts) This ended up being a little dry so the next time I experimented with a mixture of icing and p.b. which turned out better.

Cream Cheese Toffee Cake (yellow cake, mixed with a tub of whipped cream cheese instead of frosting, dipped in milk chocolate, rolled in HEATH Milk Chocolate English Toffee Bits) This one was a good combo!








Hazelnut Chocolate Cake (yellow cake, mixed with Nutella hazelnut spread instead of frosting, dipped in milk chocolate, topped with Betty Crocker Cupcake Gems Gold Sugar) Very subtle Nutella flav – yum!

Orange Chocolate Craisin Cake (yellow cake, white frosting from a can, dipped in milk chocolate which has a little pure orange extract mixed in, topped with a Craisin dried cranberry)

Basic Cake Balls (basic cake pop recipe – yellow cake, white frosting from a can, dipped in milk chocolate, topped with colored sugar) The toothpick holes usually got covered up by the sprinkles but by the end of these batches we got a little lazy! LOL!

Aren’t they fancy? 

This is my grandmother’s antique settee.