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So every day I get an email from zulily advertising their sales.  Today I happened to take a look and was intrigued by the day planners and organizers from momAgenda.

If the mini day planner is originally $41 ($19.99 at zulily), then how much are the maxi day planners from the company website?!  The momAgenda (or myAgenda) Desktop day planners are $43 and are now on sale for $34.40.  And the Mini-Daily agendas are on sale for $28.70 (the myAgenda minis are $36 but on sale for $28.80.)

myAgenda customizable weekly view

Well, after perusing the momAgenda website, I found free printables!  Thank you Nina Restieri!

AND. . . I also found a link to another website, Buttoned Up, with more printables to help get organized!  Thank you Alicia and Sarah!