What to do with red wine that has turned?

Posted on: August 15, 2011

Often times a bottle of red wine goes bad from oxidation because the bottle wasn’t finished within two or three days.  I’ve always saved the bottles to use when making marinara sauce.

I’ve never made homemade vinegar, and I’ve never boiled it down to a syrup for fruit.  I’ve never tried it for salad dressing in place of red wine vinegar.  I don’t eat meat so I’ve never used it for beef bourgignon or coq au vin.

What are some other ideas of how to use up leftover wine?

I’ve read that it should be saved in the refrigerator or frozen in ice-cube trays for later use, but I’ve always left it at room temperature (corked), because that’s what my mom does.

My husband and father are having a contest to see which household has more “useless” bottles of bad wine by the end of the year.   They don’t think that we can bear to throw them away.  Everyone loves my red sauce, and I always pour in a healthy splash of oxidized wine while cooking.   So why change?  The bottles just take up space.

I would love to find some new uses for stale wine, and then maybe we’ll finally get rid of these bottles!

Which household will win?

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